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Joni C. Stewart, LCSW has been providing court-approved group and individual therapy since 1985. Joni is considered an expert in crisis intervention services, domestic violence counseling, correctional facility treatment and consultation, addiction treatment, psychotherapy, solution-focused behavior modification services to individuals and families in need.

Joni C. Stewart, LCSW & Associates was founded in 1993.  Her agency consists of a culturally diverse team of therapists, facilitators, and staff to ensure that she can provide a positive impact on diverse populations. The team is committed to providing an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

All staff members are advocates of the process of change with a goal of non-violence and healthy living.


The Mission of the company is Empowerment through Equality, Respect, and Peace, which reflects Joni’s lifelong aspiration to share her knowledge, training, and experience to benefit the individual and family, which through unfortunate or adverse circumstances, may be in need of change, guidance, healing, and understanding.

As a result of individuals' successful participation in the changing process; children are safer, families are healthier and communities are stronger.

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