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Joni C. Stewart, LCSW has been providing court approved group/individual therapy and evaluation/assessments since 1985. Ms. Stewart is considered an expert in abuse issues.

The Mission of the company is Empowerment through Equality, Respect and Peace, reflects Ms. Stewart’s lifelong aspiration to share her knowledge, training and experience to benefit the individual and family, which through unfortunate or adverse circumstances, maybe in need of change, guidance, healing and understanding

Evaluations & Assessments

Prior to making a determination of an individual’s suitability for a therapeutic program the Courts may order an expert evaluation and assessment.

The importance of evaluations and assessments is that they provide a written synopsis of the individual’s actions, recommendation(s) and an individual treatment plan.

Evaluations and assessments are provided in the best interest of the individual, victims, families and society.

Evaluations Provided:

  • Anger Management

  • Animal Abuse

  • Bio-Psycho-social

  • Domestic Violence for Batterers and Victims

  • Individual Treatment Planning

  • Life Skills

  • Mental Health

  • Intensive Parenting

  • Stress Management

  • Substance Abuse

  • Traumatic Incident Reduction

  • PTSD

Intensive Parenting

The Intensive Parenting Program is designed to deal with child abuse and/or neglect issues, and addresses both general emotional, anger, and stress management skills, as well as traditional parenting abilities.

Program Objectives

  • Comprehend the nature of emotional, anger, and stress management.

  • Identify each individual’s emotional, anger, and stress patterns.

  • Understand how maladaptive emotional, anger, and stress management affects children and the whole family.

  • Demonstrate effective emotional, anger, and stress management skills

  • Exhibit the use of non-violent parenting and discipline techniques.

  • Recognize the nature of abusive and/or neglectful behavior, drug abuse, and domestic violence and its effect on children and other family members.

  • Complete an age appropriate discipline plan for their children.

  • Understand how to deal with special issues of children including Attention Deficit Hyper-disorder, conduct disorders, mental health problems, and parallel parenting.

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the newly learned parenting skills to deal with emotional, anger, and stress management

  • Provide an adaptive plan on how to deal with future parenting issues

  • Up to 20 weekly sessions

Anger Management

Anger Management is skill-building group therapy that incorporates emotional management, conflict resolution, assertive communication, and listening skills, but does not address the dynamics of intimate relationships, power and control issues or domestic violence issues.

Program objectives

  • Understand the nature of anger

  • Identify each individual’s anger patterns

  • Discover the skills necessary to identify irrational thinking that leads to anger problems and learn rational dispute

  • Learn assertive communication and healthy conflict resolution skills

  • Recognize a plan to manage anger effectively

  • Prepare weekly homework assignment

  • Provide a detailed plan on how to manage anger before completing the program

  • Up to 16 weekly sessions 

Substance Abuse

Outpatient substance abuse treatment
includes a wide variety of programs for clients on a regular
schedule in a group setting or individual. 


Program Objectives

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps patients recognize,avoid, and cope with the situations in which they are mostlikely to use drugs.

  • Motivational interviewing, which makes the most of people’sreadiness to change their behavior and enter treatment.

  • Motivational incentives (contingency management), whichuses positive reinforcement to encourage abstinence fromdrugs.

  • Up to 26 weekly sessions

Domestic Violence

Psycho-educational group therapy for male, female and same sex individuals, in both English and Spanish, are provided at Tampa and Riverview. This program is State Certified and Court approved

Level 1 - Psycho-Educational

  • For individuals that appear to have an isolated incident of domestic violence with limited power and control issues.
    16 weekly sessions - Meets Hillsborough County standards                        

Level 2 - Psycho-Educational

  • For individuals who have problems with domestic violence, power and control issues.
    29 weekly sessions - meets State standards

Level 3 - Psycho-Educational including Therapy

  • For individuals who meet one or more of the following:
    Use of a weapon, infliction of severe injuries, intent to do permanent damage i.e. strangulation. Violent criminal history. Serious mental health disorder. Increase of violence despite previous group completion. Multiple violations of an IFP.
    False imprisonment. Sexual violence, serious history of victimization, bizarre or sadistic behavior.

  • 29 to 52 weekly sessions depending on individualized treatment plan - Meets Hillsborough County standards

Victim Group Therapy

  • Designed with goals for-self empowerment, autonomy and self-sufficiency, including training in safety awareness for themselves as well as their children.

  • Up to 26 weekly sessions

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